Clinical Studies

i-Lipo vs Placebo

i-Lipo vs Placebo

This report investigates the effects on circumference measurements of various combinations of active or inactive treatment pad and LS probe diodes. The treatment outcome on circumference measurement is compared to effects of a normal typical i-Lipo treatment procedure on the abdominal area of the body. As an additional investigation’ comparison is also made to ‘Placebo pads’ intended for use in blinded placebo controlled studies to investigate the effectiveness of i-Lipo treatments.

Fat Reduction and Body Reshaping – Case Study

Fat Reduction and Body Reshaping

The purpose of this study was to report the ability of the I-lipo laser diode system to be used as a fat reduction and body reshaping system, offering patients immediate and long term changes to specific problem fatty areas. Single treatment observations on circumference measurement changes of the abdomen were reported for 20 patients and a single case study was presented of a female patient middle-abdominal region during a course of eight treatment sessions over four weeks. Interim results from pilot study using real-time ultrasound to make direct observations and measurements of the subcutaneous adipose layer were also presented.

Treatment Outcomes

Treatment outcomes

The purpose of this paper is to review the ability of these LLLT devices, the iLipo, to provide a safe and effective non-invasive opportunity for patients to specifically target and reduce unwanted fat deposits.

The Concept of Fractional Fat Reduction with the i-Lipo Low Level Laser Device with the i-Lipo Low Level Laser Device

The Concept of Fractional Fat Reduction with the i-Lipo Low Level Laser Device

The aim of this document is to answer two of the most frequent questions that are posed with regards to the treatment and explain the benefits of fractional fat reduction.